VI. Other help instructions

In the top half of the Discovery page, select “Help Center”. Here are some questions and answers you may encounter when operating the app. MAS Pay wallet homies can find the solution to the problem first. In the future, Q&A will update more content to be added one after another for helping MAS Pay wallet homies solve their doubts.

About the team / terms of service
In Discovery page, “Privacy Policy” and “About Us” provide users with the range of services we offer, as well as the use of this app, MAS Pay wallet homies can click to see contents like MAS Pay team and users’ rights clauses and the future development.

Problem response
Please click on the “Feedback” in setting, we provide a reply to the letter. After receiving the feedback from MAS Pay wallet homies, the helper will assist in processing and replying as soon as possible.

Focus on other official communities of our team
After using MAS Pay wallet APP, If you are fascinated by our APP. In addition to the APP, you would like to know more about our team. It is bound to become stans of MAS Pay wallet ! We will be very happy that MAS Pay wallet homies are so caring for the services we provide, to introduce aloud to us, we also provide other community information, there are official communities such as wechat, telegram, facebook, medium, line etc. Please pay close attention to our official community.