About Us

MASFi is a financial public chain designed for DeFi by solving the major problems of low speed and high gas or transaction cost on major public chains, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, DeFi applications built on MASFi operate at an ultra high speed of 10,000+ transactions per second, at par with centralized exchanges. In further development the account name will be linked to a user’s public blockchain address on MASFi public chain. Sending and receiving tokens will be to people and not to public blockchain addresses, as simple as sending money via WeChat or AliPay. In addition token trading and transferring are completed in 1-3 seconds for ETH, BTC, CAKE, USDT, etc.


MASFi Lightpaper


HashBrownSwap – Powered by MASFi

Built on MASFi, HBSwap is a cross-chain ecosystem with a next generation decentralized exchange (DEX), capable of swapping ERC-20, BTC, BEP-20 and other public chain tokens. With MASFi’s proprietary cross-chain technology, HBSwap can trade token pairs, such as ETH and CAKE, generated on different public chains with lightning transaction, lightning transfer speed & low gas at USD0.10/transfer, which will be waived during initial launch stage of HBSwap.

HBSwap is building a one-stop shop, where you can do decentralized cross-chain trading with the convenience, speed and liquidity of a centralized exchange (“CEX”), while accessing various DeFi financial product offerings. In addition because HBSwap is a smart-contract wallet, any third party DeFi linked with HBS wallet can enjoy automated and transparent fee sharing arrangement, which can not be done with MetaMask wallet.



The Declaration Of MAS Capital Fintech