V. Basic settings instructions

Basic setting function
In the settings, there are “System Settings”, “Wallet Settings”, “Account Security”, users can select in individual function blocks depending on the function you want to use.

Use QR code to back up your wallet
Due to MAS Pay wallet APP is a decentralized light wallet, it is strongly recommended that MAS Pay wallet homies must back up the QR code of the wallet. If the wallet is not stored when you first create the wallet, you can also back up the wallet information in the “Backup Identity” in the account settings. You need to enter the password and password prompt before backup. After the QR code is displayed, please click “Save QR code”.

Back up the wallet with a private key
MAS Pay wallet homies can also back up individual wallets separately. Just click the “Account Security” option in the account settings, select Export BTC or ETH private key, click on the wallet to be backed up, and then choose whether to export the private key or use QR code. Do the preservation, the wallet private key and the QR code are important assets for individuals. Please keep the backup and save it properly. We MAS Pay team is not responsible for managing the private key and wallet information for MAS Pay wallet homies, in case if there is any need to recover in the future.

APP message notification settings
If MAS Pay wallet homie is often bothered by the APP notification message and wants to drop the phone, teach you a way to make it quiet. Please click on “Message Notification” in the account settings and click “Close Message Notification”. It will not be disturbed by the notification of the APP. On the other hand, you can also choose “Open Message Notification” to make the phone in any time.

Add a regular address
To add the common address into MAS Pay wallet APP, click the account setting. In the “Common Address”, click the “+” icon in the upper right corner. Enter the name and comment (optional) information according to the page prompt. Click the blue prompt “Add Address” and select the BTC or ETH address to be added. (You can copy the address or use the QR code to add it), fill it out and save it in the upper right corner.

APP update
Everything needs to be at the forefront. APP should also use the latest ones. Of course, MAS Pay wallet homies can click on the “Check for Updates” in the account settings from time to time to know if the APP is using the latest version.

Calculating currency change
Just boarded the app and found that the currency unit is not familiar to you. Don’t worry about it. Just click on “Denomination Currency” in the basic settings, you can change the default CNY (RMB) to TWD (Taiwan dollar), USD ( US dollar) as the calculation unit, click on the calculation unit to be displayed and click on the storage in the upper right corner. MAS Pay wallet APP will be displayed in the selected calculation unit.

Language settings
Click on the “Display Language” in the basic settings, you can choose to display in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English , select the display language and click on the confirmation in the upper right corner. MAS Pay wallet APP will display in the selected language after restarting.

APP Login Protection
Want to keep MAS Pay wallet APP login privacy? Just click “Pin Password” in the basic settings, there are two options: “Open Fingerprint” and “Use Pin Password”.

Delete account
If users want to delete the account information. We MAS Pay wallet have to sadly remind users how to uninstall. First, click “delete account” in the account settings, will prompt you to remove the identity and wallet, please review it in detail, please click “confirm” to delete all related accounts and wallets.
(※ In order to prevent the risk of loss of personal cryptocurrency assets, please be sure to back up all wallet information before deleting your account and wallet)