V. User data backup

Does the wallet need to be backed up?
After you create your identity, the page will automatically jump out of your personal QR code. The user should save QR code and store it at this time. You can also select the account settings in the settings on the right hand side of the gear icon at the bottom of the APP page. : “Account Security” or select “Backup Identity”.
Account Security: Select the type and address of the wallet to be reserved. After click, the page will display the method of copying the private key or QR code to save.
Backup Identity: After entering the password and password prompt, the personal backup QR code will be displayed. It is recommended that the user divide all the wallet information and keep it properly, in case the person has the opportunity to obtain the private key information and the possibility of losing the cryptocurrency assets.
If the wallet is stolen, can I request to freeze the account?
As a decentralized wallet, MAS Pay wallet does not hold the private key, so it is impossible to freeze the account or transaction rollback.
What if the QR code or the wallet private key is not backed up?
If the user loses or does not have information such as wallet, private key, etc., MAS Pay wallet can’t help the user to retrieve it. This is very important, so remind the user again: important information such as wallet and private key must be properly kept.
What should I do if my phone is lost?
If you confirm that you have saved and backed up your wallet and private key, your user assets are still safe, but we MAS Pay still recommend that users take security precautions to restore MAS Pay wallet information with QR code on the new phone, and then transfer the currency in the wallet to another new built-in wallet.
Can I delete MAS Pay wallet app if I don’t need it?
If the user no longer needs to continue using it, select the gear icon on the right hand side of the page, click “Delete Account” in the account settings and press OK.