III. Community Use Instructions

Introduction to the community page
Click “Chat” at the bottom of the page to landing the community function page. The community features provided by MAS Pay wallet can be used to create a group, interact, and manage your own. At the same time, digital assets can also create an ecological circle of interaction and communication.

Add friends
Click on “Friends” in the top function bar of the chat page, then click on the “+” on the right side of the same column to add new friends. It is recommended to add them by scan code. The added party can click on the top right circular portrait icon on the same page, and click “Display QR Code” on the personal information page to share your QR code to friends.
◎Being added to a friend can find the corresponding party in the address book of the community page portrait icon, click on the consent and add the friend to succeed.

Chat room
The MAS Pay Wallet community function can transmit photos, files and other information just like other social platforms. We have added an “small chat” function. If both parties want chat content not to be stored by any device , click on the “Bomb” icon in the upper right corner and turn on the dialogue self-explosion function, select the time limit for clearing the chat data.
The system will automatically delete the dialog according to the deadline set by the two parties.
◎The group also provides the “Secret Chat” function, the operation method is the same, but the group is currently only open to the group owner can start the secret chat.

Join group
To create an influential group in the community, just click on “Community” in the top left corner of the chat page, then click the “+” button next to it, you will be taken to the page to create the group, just follow the page prompts to fill in the relevant information and select friends who are invited to enter the group. Finally, you can start to build various types of small groups and construct an interactive ecology with communication.