II. IOS lightning payment operation instructions | IOS闪电支付操作说明

Lightning payment – Deposit
In the wallet home page, click the function button at the bottom entering lightning payment page. You need to deposit assets into MASPay and select “Save” in the menu, click the payment wallet you want to deposit, enter the deposit amount, type the wallet password, and the asset will be successfully transferred to MAS Pay wallet.

Lightning Payment – MAS Pay wallet
To do any transfer or asset swap on MAS Pay wallet, MASX is required as a gas fee. The way to get MASX can be purchased with MAS Pay wallet or purchased from exchanges. Click MASX from the lightning payment page, then click the green lightning collection to provide QR code or lightning payment address information to MAS Pay team. After receiving the address, our team will immediately transfer MASX, or select the “Propose/Lead” function on the exchange, fill in the relevant information of the 2 collection address and amount, quantity, etc., then MASX purchase on the exchange can be transferred to MASPay Wallet for use.
* In MAS Pay network, you can also freely and quickly transfer funds and collect MASX. Click the MASX function button on the lightning payment page, then click the red lightning transfer button and fill in the relevant information.
Please note that MASX lightning transfer address must be filled in to the receiving address of MASX Lightning Payment. You need to download MASPay Wallet APP to use TTN’s lightning transfer! The operation of MAS Pay network requires the consumption of MASX as gas fee. It is necessary to notice that whether MASX token is sufficient. After completing the filling, click the confirmation and enter the password for the transaction transfer.

Lightning payment – Currency transfer / collection
If you want to do the cryptocurrency transfer/receipt operation on MAS Pay network, click the currency function button you want to operate, and select transfer or collection.
If you need to transfer the funds, fill in the relevant information and enter the wallet password.
To receive a payment, you can either copy the MAS Pay wallet Lightning Address or have the payer scan the QR code to complete the payment.
◎Please note! For MASX transfer/receipt or currency operation on MAS Pay network, you need to fill in the lightning collection address of MAS Pay wallet!

Lightning payment – Withdrawal
If you want to withdrawal tokens on MAS Pay wallet to the general wallet for use, please click “Propose” under the currency function button. Please put forward the function.
Please note that the address needs to be filled in the general Bitcoin or Ethereum address. When the address information is submitted, the gas fee will be deducted from the proposed amount. After completing the relevant information, click on the confirmation and fill in the wallet password.