I. Rookies’ Manipulate Issues

Log in info for new users
When a new user uses the wallet, a new identity needs to be created. After the user name and password are set, the system will generate an unique wallet QR code. Please store the wallet QR code to protect the security of the cryptocurrency asset.

Does it support Chinese display?
Users can go to the settings in the gear icon at the bottom of the page, click on the “Display Language” in the basic settings. The current system supports Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English display settings. After selecting the language to be displayed, press Save.

How to use MAS Pay wallet to transfer?
Take Bitcoin as an example. Select the wallet to be transferred (if there are multiple wallets with same currency), select the target to be operated from my assets, and go to the page displaying the transfer or collection function. Click the transfer function. After that, please enter the transfer amount and payment address, enter the password when you log in, you will be able to transfer successfully.
At the payment section, after selecting the payment function, the page will display the QR code and wallet address, which can allow the payer to scan the code or receive the wallet address and so on.

Does the APP need to be updated?
We recommend that users check MAS Pay wallet for the latest version from time to time, or click on the gear icon at the bottom of the page and select “Check for Updates” in the account settings to see if there is an updated version to protect personal cryptocurrency assets.

Why are the prices displayed divergently on different platforms?
Just like super-markets and convenient stores, the price of the same item will be different.
Is there any charge for using MAS Pay wallet?
MAS Pay wallet app are free. The only thing that needs to be paid during the use of the wallet is the GAS fee, which is used to pay for miner to process the transaction.
What is mining?
Mining refers to the computing power required to generate blocks through the device through the computer equipment. After the node confirms the transaction and the miner packing block on the main chain, miner will receive cryptocurrency as a reward. This process is called mining.
What is a miner?
The operator who provides the computing power of the computer equipment to carry out mining and thus obtain benefits is the miner.
What is a node?
Each computer or server can become a node*, each node has the opportunity to obtain the billing rights of the block. However, nodes themselves do not have all network accounting information, so they must be connected to each other through the mesh and confirmed transaction by broadcasting, allowing all network nodes to update accounting information at the same time.
*Because transaction information on the network is stored in different computer devices, each computer or device needs to compete with other nodes. When your computing power is better than other nodes, you might have the opportunity to get billing rights of the block.
What is the GAS fee?
For example, when you want to transfer money between different bank accounts, you must pay the commission for the services provided by the bank. Similarly, the miners in the blockchain should package your transactions and put them on the blockchain. While the transaction is completed, and the computational resources of the blockchain are consumed in the process, so the gas fee is paid. The miners prioritize the high-cost miners’ transactions. If the miners paid by the users are very low, the trade may not be packaged by the miners, causing the trade to fail.
What is an address?
For example, just like sending a letter, you need to know the address of the other party to send the letter. The address of cryptocurrency is the address of the user receiving the currency. If you need to trade, you have to know the address before you do transactions.
What is Stablecoin (USDT)?
USDT is a token based on the stable value about US Dollar (USD) launched by Tether, Tether USD (USDT for short), 1 USDT = 1 USD, and the USDT is issued and traded using the Omni protocol, which is a bit based currency blockchain 2.0. The USDT’s transaction confirmation and other parameters are consistent with Bitcoin. Users can wire the US dollar to the bank account provided by Tether through SWIFT, or exchange the USDT through the exchange. When redeeming the dollar, the reverse operation can be done. Users can also exchange USDT for bitcoin..
What if the transfer failed, will it cost GAS fee?
As long as the transaction is packaged by the miner, the gas fee will be consumed, but due to packaging failure or block verification failure (including insufficient gas cost, call instruction error, contract execution error, etc.), the miner will be consumed, but the transfer amount will be returned.
Crypto currency asset displayed incorrectly or the asset is missing
Please check if the network signal is stable. You can switch back to the telecommunication network and re-open the app, or cut the wallet address and re-open the app or check if the app is updated to the latest version.
How to check the transaction record?
Users can click on the wallet currency they want to view. Take the Bitcoin wallet as an example. Click BTC Wallet and select the wallet address where you want to view the transaction details, click the option for assets in your assets, and the page will display the transaction record details of all the rollouts, transfers, and failures of the wallet.