I. Wallet creation / operation | 钱包创建和操作

Trust developer
After downloading the MAS Pay wallet installation file, click “Settings” on the phone to select “General”, select “Description File and Device Management” on the page, find Bizhap Communications and click the blue button: Trust “Bizhap Communications” , you can start using MAS Pay wallet APP.

Create a new wallet
After download MAS Pay wallet app, please click on the new user to create the identity, fill in the relevant information according to the page prompts, click Create.
(※Users must keep the password in mind, you will need to enter this password at the next stage for backup wallet QR code and subsequent transfer transactions)

New wallet information backup
After the creation, the page will display the backup prompt, please click the “Backup QR Code” button, then you will need to fill in the password and password prompt message when creating the wallet. After filling in, please press the confirmation, and then the user’s personal wallet will be generated. QR code, please click the light green “Save QR Code” below, the QR code will be stored in the folder of the DCIM name MAS Pay wallet in user’s mobile phone storage, it is recommended that the user back up this QR code. If you need to restore your wallet later, you need to use this QR code to recover.

Wallet storage currency type
Once the backup is completed, it will jump into directly to the wallet page. The way to sort MASPay wallet are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stablecoin and other listed currency wallets. If you need to add a wallet, please click left. The “+” symbol on the right side of the figure can be added to the page that pops up by clicking “Add Wallet”, “Using Identity QR Code”, and “Wallet Private Key (currently supports scanning QR code to import wallet).”

New wallets classification
The new wallet of users’ will be displayed in the category of the same currency wallet. Take the new-create BTC-wallet as an example. After adding the wallet, click the first one “BTC Wallet”. The added wallets will be displayed in the list, arranged as BTC Wallet-2 and BTC Wallet-3.
◎MAS Pay wallet will automatically convert assets into the total value of the currency to be displayed. It will be displayed in the lower right corner of the wallet. The default currency is CNY (RMB), and the setting can be changed to TWD (Taiwan Dollar), USD .

Change the name of the wallet
Take BTC-wallet as example. Click the BTC Wallet icon and click on the first wallet address. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and click on the bold font BTC Wallet to edit the wallet name. After changing the wallet name, it will be displayed with the changed name.
◎If you want to change the password prompt of the wallet, you can also change the wallet password prompt by selecting “wallet password prompt” on the wallet setting page, clicking on the function bar and clicking the function column again.

Wallet transfer / collection
While operating the transfer or collection, please click on the wall of the wallet page to transfer the currency, select the wallet, and select the option to do the operation in my asset.
After the page jumps, please click the lower button “Transfer”, fill in the transfer amount, payment address and other information, press Next, you need to enter the password set while creating the wallet before the transfer, press OK after the completion, the transfer will be completed.
◎ Asset transfer, failure and other records can be displayed in the asset type page of the asset selection to be viewed.
For the payment operation, please click the button at the lower of the screen. You can choose to share it with the payer using QR code or copy the wallet address.

Stablecoin (USDT) transfer/ received
The transfer/receipt operation of the stablecoin(USDT) is the same as the transfer and collection of the same currency. After the currency wallet of the stablecoin is selected, there will be a BTC and ETH menu. Users can choose to transfer the stablecoin, BTC or ETH according to demand. Click the same wallet address you want to transfer, select the option you want to operate in my assets, click Transfer or Pay, and follow instructions on the page to complete.
◎If you choose BTC, you can only transfer or collect Bitcoin. Otherwise, you can only transfer or collect Ether.

Remove extra wallets
If users want to delete some wallets that are not in use that often. Take bitcoin wallet as demonstration. To delete the BTC Wallet-3. First, click on the wallet address and the gear in the upper right corner, then select the red prompt “Delete Wallet”. You need to enter the wallet password again. After confirming, the system will automatically delete the wallet.

Restore wallet
If you have backed up the wallet information QR code, to restore the used wallet information, please click “Resume Identity” and click “QR code recovery”. Next, please select “Scan QR code” or “Select photo” to read. Just a reminder, MAS Pay wallet is only capable to import the beforehand wallet information via the QR code you reserved previously.
(※ Whether it is to create identity, restore identity, add a wallet, etc., it is strongly recommended to do a wallet information backup in regular times)
*If you use “Select Photo” to import your identity, the QR code will be stored in the DCIM named MAS Pay wallet folder (the prompt storage path will be displayed under the QR code). Please follow this path to find the backup QR Code image selection, you need to enter the original set wallet password before restoring your identity, then click next. You can set a new identity nickname, new password and prompt to the QR code content page. Click Finish to start importing and user can restore the previous wallet information.
◎If user forgets the login password of MAS Pay wallet APP, you only need to back up the identity QR code in advance, and you can reset the login password by deleting the APP or the account and then restoring the identity operation.